Corn Tortillas


(Makes 2 dozen)


2 cups Masa Harina (This corn flour is available in most supermarkets and specialty food stores)
1 1/3 cups boiling water


Mix flour and water with a spoon, then blend with your hands into a firm dough.  Add more water if dough is crumbly, but be careful not to let the dough become sticky.  Form into balls, 2 inches in diameter.  Place each ball between two sheets of wax paper and press into a thin pancake.  This can be done with the heel of your hand, a rolling pin or a tortilla press.  Oil a grill or heavy skillet, heat and wipe off excess oil.  Peel wax paper from one side of tortilla and place on hot surface. Remove top paper as tortillas Begins to heat.  Cook ½ minutes  on each side.  Tortilla will be flecked with brown spots when done.  Stack cooked tortillas in a warm cloth.  Serve with chili, stew, or use for tacos.



Cut cooked tortillas in six pieces.  Deep fry until lightly browned.  Drain.  Sprinkle with salt and/or chili powder.